HiPerGator-RV Use Cases

Workflow comparison

On these pages, we describe a number of workflows that are common among researchers using restricted data and we show how the work can be accomplished efficiently using the secure environment. We will try to show that the work is almost the same as in any traditional environment for working with data. The advantage of working with HiPerGator-RV is that the risk for data compromises to individuals and to the institution are much reduced, compared to traditional implementations.

We will explain a few examples of increasing complexity to convey how a user can translate the process they use in a traditional infrastructure to the process in HiPerGator-RV. Most researchers are familiar with the way research workflows are supported by desktop computers connected over a secured network to server computers that provide network shares with the restricted data to the workstations. Confidentiality of the data is ensured by assigning roles to the users that translate in the membership of groups. The groups then control access to specific folders on the shared drive.

Another secured way to support the workflows is by using virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Here the desktop computer connects to a VDI server which presents a desktop view to the user, but all work is done on the VDI server and data never leaves the server. The VDI server connects to the file server over a secured network and permissions to see or modify data are handled by roles, as in the previous case.