HiPerGator-RV Maintenance Policy


The purpose of the HPG-RV Maintenance Policy is to ensure that the HPG-RV information system receives upgrades, new features, and security updates on a consistent schedule.


All maintenance activities for the HPG-RV information system, its various components, VM images, and installed applications must be scheduled and executed by UFIT Research Computing. Scheduled maintenance activities must be communicated to all affected HPG-RV users. UFIT Research Computing reserves the right to cancel or postpone any scheduled maintenance activities.


Any vulnerabilities found within the HPG-RV information system must be patched in a timely manner in accordance with the UFIT System Security Standard. Critical vulnerability fixes and patches must be applied within 14 days of vendor release. Non-critical vulnerability fixes and patches must be applied within 30 days of vendor release.


Regularly scheduled maintenance occurs monthly and any emergency maintenance is scheduled as needed. The regularly scheduled maintenance window for HPG-RV is the last Wednesday of every month between 8:00 AM EST and 5:00 PM EST.


HPG-RV users will receive email notifications and reminders prior to any scheduled maintenance windows. Banners will be displayed on the HPG-RV login page as well as the HPG-RV website prior to and for the duration of any scheduled maintenance windows.


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