Billable Support

Billable services for Linux Support in Research Computing

This section details several of the billable services that would help elevate the UFRC
support capabilities for our researchers. Each service includes both a billing cost and a
billing period similar to other existing services to help customers anticipate and plan for
costs in their grants.

Research Linux Desktop Support

Service Name: UFRC Linux System Support
Billing: x ∗ N consulting hours annually (x TBD, based on recovery rate )

This service provides the customer with Linux desktop support for Linux workstation
systems. This service offering is tuned for customers working with industry standard
applications and is built to run on existing supported hardware such as Dell OptiPlex
SFF (Small Form Factor) systems, custom workstations, and GPU server systems. It

  • System Support for: Ubuntu, RHEL, and SUSE Linux systems
  • Patching from local application and OS repositories
  • User and Group management
  • Application installation support for applications found in local or main system repositories (Includes basic Python and R support for system-level installation)
  • Installation and management of security software (Such as TrendMicro as required by the IT organization)

Enterprise Alignment

This service is aligned to Empower the Future of Research by offering an option for Researchers needing Linux systems for their research with a minimal barrier to entry. It also includes basic troubleshooting support during normal working hours.


Advanced Linux Application Installation and Setup

Service Name: UFRC Advanced Linux Application consulting
Billing: Hourly, based on pre-purchased UFRC consulting investments

This service is designed to help customers with software issues that require specific customization to work in their research or UFIT environments. Many modern software packages require advanced setup/installation and this service is available to all customers. It also includes effort to package non-system supported software into UF-approved software repositories such as puppet or GitLab.

Enterprise Alignment:

This service is aligned to Empower the Future of Research by offering customers a streamlined method of using advanced software within the UFIT environment.