Our Services

UFIT Research Computing provides hardware and software services to the UF research community. Our efforts are focused on activities that depend on large-scale computing activities such as high-performance computing, high-throughput computing, and large data sets known as big data.


  • Comprehensive support
  • Professional hardware maintenance
  • Software installation and support
  • Timely software patches and updates
  • 24×7 system monitoring
  • Access to interactive hosts for testing and development
  • Ability to use more cores than purchased during periods of non-peak demand


  • Large compute cluster for high-performance and high-throughput computing
  • Fast storage for large data sets
  • Network connectivity via the high-speed Campus Research Network
  • System software, compilers, clustering software, and many open source applications
  • Machine room space, electrical power, and cooling

Detailed guidance on specific service components are available on these pages: