Get Started


While Research Computing equipment and services can be purchased with any type of funds, researchers wish to use funds provided by grants or contracts.
View the guide on using grant and contract funds for more information.

Step One: Review our policies

Take the HiPerGator Account Training and Review our Procedures. All users must complete the HiPerGator Account training and review our procedures before starting work on HiPerGator. Please be advised that violating these procedures may result in temporary or permanent suspension of your account.

Step Two: Review services and resources

Research Computing offers many different services and resources to assist you with your high-performance computing needs. See our services brochure or price sheet for a general overview. The Get Started section of the site provides more in-depth information.

Sponsors or Principal Investigators may need to request a quote or purchase resources before they begin using HiPerGator.

Users who are performing research for a Sponsor or Principal Investigator should request an account under that researcher's purview.

Step Three: Request an account

All users need to apply for an account to access our high-performance computing resources. UF Faculty accounts will be created upon verification of employment status. All other users require a faculty sponsor – a faculty member who will support and sponsor the applicant’s use of resources and services.

HiPerGator-RV Accounts HiPerGator-RV accounts, formerly known as ResVault, are for our Restricted Computing users. These accounts can be requested on the HiPerGator-RV Accounts page.
HiPerGator Accounts HiPerGator accounts are for the general computing system and can be requested on the HiPerGator Accounts page.

Step Four: Training and self-help

We offer a number of introductory presentations to assist new users. Please view the UFIT Training website for a schedule of available sessions, downloadable slides, and recordings of past presentations. We also encourage you to read our frequently asked questions and explore the UFRC wiki.

Step Five: Plan for the future

Our proposal support documentation helps faculty write a research proposals and prepare a data management plans.

Our Faculty Highlights page and UFIT News Articles provide examples of how UF faculty members benefit from using Research Computing services.

Step Six: Contact us

Please feel free to open a support ticket to receive help with any questions or issues you encounter. You may also contact UFRC staff by email or visit our offices in person.