Using grant & Contract funds

While research computing equipment and service can be purchased with any type of funds, researchers will often wish to use funds provided by grants or contracts. View the guide on using grant and contract funds for more info on this topic.

Research Computing provides hardware and software services to the UF research community. Our efforts are focused on activities that depend on large-scale computing activities such as high-performance computing, high-throughput computing, and large data sets.


  • Comprehensive support
  • Professional hardware maintenance
  • Software installation and support
  • Timely software patches and updates
  • 24×7 system monitoring
  • Access to interactive hosts for testing
  • Ability to use more cores than purchased during periods of non-peak demand


  • Large compute cluster for high-performance and high-throughput computing
  • Fast storage for large data sets
  • Network connectivity via the high-speed Campus Research Network
  • System software, compilers, clustering software, and many open source applications
  • Machine room space, electrical power, and cooling

Software Documentation

Due to the ever-changing nature of software documentation, we maintain our information on a Wiki website for ease of making changes. Please see our documentation wiki for more instruction.

Note that we do not maintain full sets of software documentation on our website for this very same reason. The instructions held on our website are purely to provide an introduction to the software available, instruction on how to use the software on our cluster, and pointers to the main documentation for each software package as maintained by the makers of said software.