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Practicum AI Beginner Workshops

📅 February 28, 2022
Practicum AI Beginner Workshops

If you have an interest in artificial intelligence (AI) but do not know where to start, the Practicum AI (Beginner) workshop series is for you!  This series comprises five modules – What is AI, AI Ethics, Reproducible AI, Practicum Python, and Deep Learning Foundations.  In the first three modules, you will gain a basic understanding of the various kinds of intelligent systems, ethical issues related to AI, and ways of constructing open systems which benefit others.  After this, you will then participate in a multi-part sequence of workshops designed to get you up to speed quickly in Python, the primary language of AI.  Topics covered in the Python series include basic operations, data management, functions, and other skills needed to conduct an AI project.  And finally, the Practicum AI (Beginner) series concludes with three workshops which introduce students to neural networks in addition to the Tensorflow and Keras frameworks.



Due to the popularity of the workshop series, we have added an asynchronous option. We will announce office hours soon and asynchronous learners will have access to the recordings and hands-on experience similar to our synchronous sessions. We hope that this provides a good balance between being able to manage helping users in the synchronous sessions while also providing an engaging experience for a wider audience. Registration is open and recordings will be available starting shortly after noon today and added weekly following each synchronous session.



There are no pre-requisites for this workshop series.



Please use this registration form to register.